Plant Maintenance


Thermography can be used to highlight areas of energy loss, and eliminating this wastage results in lower operating costs and carbon emissions.

Our thermographic surveys can be as part of a condition monitoring contract, or continuously monitored

Problems can be identified and repaired before they breakdown or become serious enough to represent a safety risk, such as overheating electrical equipment.

Early warning of critical failure & compliance to statutory regulations

Any machine that uses oil as a lubricant, insulator or power medium can have its condition monitored by taking periodic samples for analysis.

We monitor bearings and gearboxes, to determine if there is wear and/or contamination.

We also monitor transformers, switchgears and fluid power systems

Locate root causes of unexpected vibration

Our Vibration Analysis uses vibration signatures to assesses the condition of equipment and detect upcoming faults.

Early warning for specific faults allows accurate repairs to be scheduled in preventing costly downtime.

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) makes gas leaks visible by using specialist thermographic cameras.

Using the camera each type of gas appears as opaque on its own infrared wavelength, making it possible not only to see the leak but also to identify which gas is leaking.

OGI surveys can form part of condition monitoring contract and are undertaken every 3-6 months depending on site requirements.

Capable of identifying failures in inaccessible equipment or locations.

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