Who We Are?

About Us

We deliver a broad set of industrial service solutions STEFANDY provides goods and services using quality products and our team of highly skilled professionals.

We focus on “cost, quality, and speed”

We offer solutions for critical process equipment

We have a diverse set of end-user markets.

We offer solutions for critical process equipment


Gain insight and foresight as we watch over all your key assets, learn how they’re operating, and we'll propose solutions to resolve any issues identified.


Whether its scheduled or urgent, our teams and resources are on hand to get the job done, either on your site or on ours.


We see every dip in performance as a potential improvement opportunity. So instead of a “take it or leave it” solution, we'll offer you an impartial choice of new and repair options which best satisfies your objectives.


Our scaleable approach to Asset Management allows you to start small adding functionality as it's required and at a pace that suits your budget, all the time improving productivity and reliability of your production plant.

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